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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garden Notes

The pot farm is doing well - my tomato plant actually has flowers, and the cilantro is looking lush and lovely. I could totally use it in recipes right now. I seem to have hit the right size for herb pots - none of them are drying out after only one day.

The BF provided the newest additions to the garden from this morning's farmer's market - two types of shiso (he's very into Asian cooking), and sorrel. The shiso won't overwinter, but the sorrel should be a lovely perennial addition.

The Swiss chard is doing well enough that I harvested some to thin out the pot. It's not as large as the stuff you'll find at the supermarket, but I like it at this medium size better (for cooking at least - I also enjoy the baby stuff in salads). I also harvested the last radish of the spring season, as well the rest of the salad mix. The salad mix has begun to bolt, so I've pulled both that and the radish window boxes into the garage for now. They'll come back out in August for another round.

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