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Thursday, June 2, 2011

CSA 2011, Week 1

Today was the first pick up of this year's CSA. They've had a bit of a slow start due to all the rain, so everything this week was either a storage vegetable, or from the greenhouse. I got: 3 pounds of potatoes, half a pound of baby harukai turnips, a head of lettuce, and half a pound of mesclun mix (a half a pound of which goes surprisingly far). The salad mix has already made an appearance in today's dinner, mixed with the rest of what I harvested my garden. Once that's through, we'll go through the head lettuce and the rest of the salad mix.

For the turnips, I have plans that involve mixing with:

Yes, those are the first radishes out of my garden. They're a bit on the small side. I'm thinking I may need to introduce some sand to the soil in that pot. But they're definitely pretty! Here's hoping they taste as a good as they look.

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