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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Rest of Arizona

I'm very behind recapping the rest of the trip to AZ, so here's the rest, in short order:

That Monday, we headed down toward Tuscon, and checked out Biosphere 2. It's an incredibly interesting place to visit, and I have tons of pictures, but it really is one of those places that you're better of seeing for yourself, so no album for those.

To round out that day, we went to the Colossal Cave Mountain Park. The cave tour was a ton of fun - our guide had a lot of fun facts, and clearly enjoyed his job. This is not a tour for a claustrophobe, but I enjoyed it.

On our way back from out unexpected trip through Globe, we had noticed signs for the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, so for our last full day in Arizona, we headed there. It's a little way out of the valley, but very much worth the trip.

They feature a number of plants from different desert landscapes, so you see some South American plants, and as well as a fun section for Australia, complete with an Outback shack.

Quite a bit of it is well set out pathways, but there are some slightly wilder sections. We did a walk that descends into a canyon, where you find cottonwood forest. We'll be back some day to do the high path that goes further up the canyon walls. I suspect the views are amazing.

The album for the Arboretum is here. I've included a number of flowers (their aloe were blooming). as well as some other interesting plants and sights I ran into along our walk.

All and all, it was a great trip. It was lovely to get a taste of warm weather, though I will admit, I was actually a little happy to step back into humidity when we got home.

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