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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden Notes

Yesterday afternoon, since it was actually sunny out (rarer than you'd think, this year), and to anticipate the Memorial Day weekend crowd, I stopped off at the garden center after work. The haul is above. It's pretty herb heavy - I've decided to try one of seemingly everything in pots in the garden, so to that end, I purchased: basil (a full flat), parsley (a full flat), Thai basil, dill, thyme, lemon thyme, sage, and two kinds of lavender (more for the flowers than anything else). With the cilantro I planted a few weeks back, that should take care of my herb needs.

I also purchased a large cherry tomato, a Fooled You pepper, which apparently looks like a jalapeno and tastes like one, but without the heat, and some bright lights chard. Those will all be going into pots in the side garden. I also bought some marigolds - one will go in with the tomato, and the rest will end up somewhere else in the side garden.

For the back garden, I got a small, long-leafed hosta, with white edged leaves, and my regular two large coleus, as well as some small coleus for the front of the "bed". I've decided to skip the strawberry pot of impatiens this year.


Both in spite of, and because of the insane week of rain we just had, the lettuce and radishes seem to be doing well. The spicy salad mix is definitely growing faster than the regular mix, for whatever reason. I planted an extra pot of it last week, and the spicy mix is the only side that has sprouted, so far. I'll probably be able to harvest the original batch of that any day now.

The radishes are also looking good, but I'll try to give them a full month in the ground before I harvest.

It's been a weird Spring so far. It was so damn rainy that the iris have yet to bloom. And yet, most of the bulbs and the fruit tree flowers went by super fast. I have almost no pictures of any of that this year, so will have to rely on my archives for pictures of Spring, if I suddenly have a need to see pretty flowers. At least the rhodies seem happy.

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