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Friday, April 1, 2011

Soul Hunt - Margaret Ronald

Read rather quickly for the Once Upon a Time V reading challenge, courtesy of the April Fool's Nor'easter.

In the previous books of this trilogy, Evie Scelan brought down a group of magicians that had been ruling Boston’s magical undercurrent for centuries, and then took control of the Wild Hunt to gain back something important that was lost. In this final book, her previous actions come home to roost, as the darkest being yet is making ripples in the undercurrent, and Evie finds that invoking the Wild Hunt brings consequences.

I’ve really loved reading these books. They have a great blend of mythology (mostly Celtic) and a peculiar kind of magic that’s rooted in the very essence of the city of Boston. I know Boston well, and myself live in New England coastal city. Much of the action of this book takes place in the islands of Boston Harbor, and the atmosphere is so very evocative of the New England coast.

Evie is a great character – full of flaws, and so very human because of it. She could easily have been made into someone superhuman by the things she has seen, and done, but she remains sarcastic and suspicious to the very end. Definitely a great trilogy, which I’m happy to push on anyone that will listen, so that Maggie gets the book sales she richly deserves.

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