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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carrots 'n' Cupcakes - Tina Haupert

Carrots ‘n’ Cupcakes is the book based on Tina Haupert’s blog of the same name. I don’t follow her blog – I picked this out of the Librarything Early Readers March selections because the brief description of her philosophy of eating sounded interesting.

The book is the story of Haupert’s evolution of her thoughts concerning diet and exercise, to her current practice of not really restricting what you eat, but instead being aware of what you’re eating. This means you can have your cake, as long as you account for the treat with what else you choose to eat that day. This is the philosophy I try to follow myself – it’s easier to eat what you like and just pay attention to how much you’re eating, rather than avoid whole classes of foods that aren’t good for you (according to the latest fad diet).

I found myself dog-earring quite a few recipes (one of the definite advantages of an ARC copy – I don’t feel as guilty dog-earring a black and white not quite ready for publication edition). I can’t get behind everything Haupert advocates (our lifestyles aren’t quite the same enough for me to manage that), but there are lots of interesting things in here, and some good food for thought.

As I said, I don’t follow her blog, so I don’t know how much of a rehash this might be of material she’s already covered there, but I can say it’s definitely an interesting read for someone coming to the author with no prior experience.

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