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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wolf Star - Tanith Lee

Read for the 2011 YA Reading Challenge.

Claidi is about to marry her true love, Argul, but on the morning of her wedding, she’s kidnapped, and brought to a castle in far off land. It’s surrounded by impassable jungle, and the only person that lives there is Prince Venn, who looks a lot like Argul. Neither of them know why they’re at the Rise, which has rooms that move, and is filled with strange creatures. There’s also the Wolf Star, which rises each night, and is much brighter than any other star. Claidi and Venn must find out more about the Wolf Star to find out why they’re at the Rise.

I’m really torn about these books (this is the second in the series). They’re written in the journal form, and I’m not that fond of Claidi’s voice. I find her a little too teenagerishly oblivious and irritating. On the other hand, the mysteries of this post-apocalyptic land have just enough interest to keep the completest in me interested. I’ll keep coming back, just to see how this all ends.

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