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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Talisman Ring - Georgette Heyer

Eustacie has run away to become a governess, rather than marry her thoroughly unromantic cousin Sir Tristram, when she falls into a group of smugglers, including one of her other cousins, Ludovic, rightful heir to their grandfather’s barony, who has unfortunately fallen into a life of crime after being falsely accused of murder, and being exiled from the family home. Ludovic is thoroughly romantic, and Eustacie falls madly in love. In order to clear his name, they must find the talisman ring that will clear his name.

Sir Tristram, and Miss Sarah Thane are brought into the scheme, and lend some levity to some of the younger couple’s more wild plans. It’s really a delightful story, with romance, adventure, and plenty of humor. The more I read Heyer’s books, the more I’m grateful to the blogosphere for introducing her to me.

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