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Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden Notes

I came back from Florida bitten hard by the gardening bug. The transition from zone 10b to 5b is not terribly kind, and I came back to a really bleak landscape. Fortunately, it being Spring now, Mother Nature is at least attempting to please me. The above is my side garden, with bulbs very happily poking from the ground (the crocus picture from a couple of posts ago is in this bed).

Granted, I haven't cleaned anything off the beds yet, because it is March, and you just never know. Which means the daffodils especially are having a rather exciting time getting through the leaves. I'll probably clean those out next weekend, if the weather holds. It just seemed too much like tempting fate to do it this past weekend.

My backyard garden plants are still totally dormant (I did an inspection yesterday) in their winter home. I would like to put them out soon, as I like to at least pretend they're getting in the ground treatment by having them outside as soon as possible, but again, it feels like tempting fate to put them out much before April 1st, if they're still dormant (which they weren't last year. This year already seems more normal.)

So I can at least rejoice in the fact that things are slowly getting going. And that I've already bought radish and mesclun seeds. And have plans for some container vegetable gardening this season. I've been doing some rather extensive online research. That gardening bug hits hard...

And finally, I figured I needed to post some contrast pictures to my Winter post from January. My back yard looks much better, wouldn't you say?

The following is the municipal snow pile, taken from a different angle then the last picture. I never did get it in its full glory (it was taller than the three story warehouse you can see in the background of this picture), but even in its dirt encrusted Spring state, it's still pretty impressive. Note the two people walking up it in the right of the picture. Can't do much better than that for perspective.

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