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Monday, January 24, 2011

Knitting Notes

Pattern: Audrey Triple Wrap Shawl by Rebecca Hatcher
Yarn: Schaefer Aubrey in the Ash colorway
Needles: Size 6 Circs

My Triple Wrap Shawl is blocked. It was a lot easier with the new blocking mats, though as you can see below, one set of the Knit Picks mats isn't enough for a small shawl.

Guess this means that if I ever make anything bigger, I'll have to pick up another set. I'm definitely willing to do that, as it was much easier to block this shawl than the last one, even with the size issues. (I may be reblocking the Echo Flower Shawl this weekend.)

The pattern doesn't necessarily look much different blocked (unblocked pictures are here), but it did increase the size quite a bit. It fits comfortably over my shoulders now.

I really liked this pattern. It's interesting without being difficult, and the yarn is a joy to work with. And, just from having it on for a few minutes while taking pictures (on what may be the coldest day this winter, to boot), I can already say that it's warm.

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