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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Knitting Notes

I don't believe I've even mentioned it yet, but last Friday, I cast on Romi Hill's Verdigris Mitts in St-Denis Nordique yarn in a lovely, dark purple. The purple was a request from my sister, and this is my last planned bit of Christmas knitting.

I'm already cheating all over the place. The cast on and cast off were both a bit too fussy, so I've gone for regular on mitt #1. I've also invented my own medium size by only doing one repeat of the full pattern before launching in the main part (what would be short) of the pattern.

So far, so good. The pattern is interesting, and the yarn is pleasant to work with. I'm hoping to finish these over the weekend so I can either send them to CA with my father (who is leaving on Monday), or least ship them reasonably early.

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