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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Knitting Notes

It occurs to me I haven't posted a thing about my Triple Wrap Shawl since I cast it on. I've been plugging away at it slowly between other projects, and I'm actually a good chunk of the way done. I'm in the D pattern repeat, which means once that's done, I'll only have the border to go.

The pattern is relatively simple, but as it gets larger, I'm finding it a bit easier to lose my place in the pattern. I worked through a grand total of four rows last night because I had to pull back both pattern side rows at a combined six times because I wasn't catching myself in time when I'd lost my place in the pattern. Even so, I'm enjoying the experience.

I do love this yarn. It's lovely and soft, and has enough wool to balance to the silk and make it not too slippy. Goes to show that Schaefer really does know what they're doing with yarn.

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