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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Which Witch? - Eva Ibbotson

Read for the YA 2010 Reading Challenge.

Arriman the Awful is the Wizard of the North, and while he thoroughly enjoys advancing the dark arts, he’s getting on in years, and realizes that he needs someone to take over from him. So, he needs a son. Which means he needs a wife. And, of course, a wizard must marry a witch, so he immediately announces to the local coven that he will chose a wife from among them.

The witches are all terribly excited at this fantastic opportunity, especially Belladonna. However, Belladonna has a slight problem – she’s a white witch, and no one gives her the slightest chance of winning the Ms. Witch contest that Arriman’s servants set up to help him chose a bride.

This book is completely adorable. It definitely skews toward the younger end of YA, but anyone with a sense of humor should be able to enjoy it. The witches and the other characters are hysterical, and the various feats that they perform are great. This is definitely a fun read.

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