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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm back from a lovely long weekend in the Phoenix area of Arizona, where the BF and I visited with a good friend of BF's from college, and his family. It was a lovely weekend, mostly because it was sunny and in the 80s the whole time. (In contrast, we had a nasty pre-winter storm here that actually shut down school for the day in my city.)

I read another 4 books while gone (well, finished up one I was almost done with and read three more), so there will be a rapid glut of book reviews again.

I'll also have pictures from the Desert Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Zoo.

And lastly, I actually have a food plug for this trip: the Cornish Pasty Co., located in Tempe and Mesa, which we loved so much, we went to twice while we were there. I dearly wish they would franchise to Maine.

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