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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Runaways: Pride and Joy - Brian Vaughn

Read for the Graphic Novel Reading Challenge.

Alex, Karolina, Gert, Chase, Molly and Nico have grown up knowing each other – they meet every year at the board meeting for the charity that their parents run. They’re getting to the age where they’re easily bored, and this year, they decide to spy on their parents, which ends up turning their world upside down.

It turns out that their parents are the members of the supervillan group the Pride, and the kids watch as they sacrifice a girl about their own age. Horrified, they run away together, determined to fight back again their own parents.

This book is a collection of the first six comic books, and mostly concerns the complications of the kids’ escape from their parents, as well as their discoveries of their own superpowers. It’s a fun story, and definitely an interesting take on the typical superhero tale.

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