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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CSA 2010 Week 16

Today's haul was a pumpkin, yellow string beans, broccoli, potatoes, colored carrots (I swear one is a parsnip, but it wasn't labeled as such), tomatoes, and winter squash (they look like delicatas). I'm very excited that it's back to winter squash season again.

The hit of last week was the leeks, which I used in Baked Leeks with Cream and Tarragon from Janet Fletcher's Fresh from the Farmer's Market. They were so creamy, and so non-oniony. Absolute perfection in a side dish. The Hungarian hot peppers have been finding their way into anything we'd normally use pepper flake for, with great effect.

The bad thing of the week was a fennel and sweet potato pasta concoction so bad I won't even link to the recipe. Oh well, I guess one abject failure in the whole season isn't such a bad thing.


spinsandknits said...

Everything looks so delicious; I love Winter vegetables.

Megan said...

This is my favorite time of year vegetable-wise.