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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith

Read for the RIP V Reading Challenge.

It turns out that vampires had come to the American colonies to escape the hostile population in the Old World, and rapidly realized that the slaves here were an ideal food-source. So, the Civil War was actually a battle fought between vampires and a group of mortals that were aware of their existence, and knew that if they won, not just the slaves would be soon be on the menu. And their leader was, you guessed it, Abraham Lincoln.

The early part of this book is a hoot. It reads like a loving portrait of the young life of an American hero, except vampires keep inserting themselves into the story. His training, and his exploits as a young man, are so much fun to read.

Where the story fell apart a bit for me was the lead up to his becoming President. The Civil War flies by at the very end of the book. I was expecting a lot more action during the war, and was a bit disappointed not to find it. There’s a lot of build up to this final fight, and it’s over in a flash.

All in all, I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (by the same author) more than this book. PP&Z was a better fleshed out story. When this book is good, it’s good, but the overly quick ending ultimately left me a bit disappointed.


Kailana said...

This just sounds weird...

Megan said...

It's not as weird as you'd think, but you really need to read it to experience it. And I'd recommend Pride and Prejudice and Zombies over this one if you wanted to experience a good historical fiction/monster mash up.

Kate said...

Hm...I'd been curious about this one. I didn't love P&P&Z, I sort of got the point where I just thought "I get it, there are zombies in P&P, isn't it clever" though I really, really enjoyed the scene with Lady Catherine in the dojo. But it doesn't sound like it quite lives up to the Abe and vampire goodness I wanted. Maybe I could library it. Thanks for the review!

Megan said...

Yeah, that scene with Lady Catherine is by far my favorite one in the book. Made up for the worst of the let's just throw some more zombies in the mix because we can moments that came before it.

Unfortunately, this book did not have an equivalent scene.

Rai said...

I've been going back and forth on whether to read this one or not. I read PP&Z and wasn't crazy about it, mostly for the fact that is was very "and lets throw a zombie in HERE and HERE and over THERE. The end."
I was hoping for good stuff with Abe Lincoln. No such luck.
Thanks for the review!

Caroline said...

I am not so much into this type of retelling of classics. If it was done in apurely satirical way, maybe.