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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris

This is the sixth book of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and because I’m also watching the True Blood series on television, I’m to the point where the two story lines have diverged enough that it’s strange reading ahead in the novels, and seeing things that would never be able to happen in the world of the show.

Definitely Dead takes place mostly in New Orleans, where Sookie has gone to clean out the apartment of her cousin Hadley, who was the vampire consort of the Queen of Louisiana, until she was murdered.

The other main part of the story is Sookie’s relationship with Quinn, the weretiger she met in the last book. There are also some revelations about her relationship with Bill Compton, as well as why she’s apparently so irresistible to vampires.

There’s a lot of story going on in this book. It’s fun to see Queen Sophie-Anne portrayed in a different light than on tv – I’ll say I like both versions, for different reasons. There’s also some interesting insight into vampire politics, as well as the introduction of demons into the world of the series.

I finished this book in only a little over a day. It’s great reading candy.

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