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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CSA 2010 Week 7

First, for last week, other than salad, the only interesting dish I can claim to making was Garlicky Kale with New Potatoes. The potatoes were fabulous - just so lovely and creamy. Unfortunately, last week's kale was a rather stemmy variety, so while the leafy part was delicious, despite my best efforts, there were some rather unfortunate stems in some bits. I've now been banned from more kale for the season, if at all possible.

Last week's eggplant should be roasted tonight. Fortunately, it held up well during our long weekend away, and there will likely be baba ganoush in our future.

So, for this week's haul, we had tomatoes, a pepper, turnips, new potatoes, more mesclun than you can shake a stick at, and pattypan squash. I was especially excited by the pattypan squash, as I'd been expecting regular, boring, yellow summer squash. I infinitely prefer pattypan squash, and had to restrain myself from performing a rather undignified happy dance when I saw it on the table.

We're actually home this week, so I should be able to make some interesting dishes with this week's bounty.

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