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Sunday, June 20, 2010

CSA 2010 Week 3

It's been a busy week, so the CSA post is a bit late.

First, to round out last week: The roasted radishes and turnips were wonderful. Roasting totally changed the flavor of the radishes, and the turnips were as good as I'd hoped they'd be. Since the roasting didn't use the greens, I saved those and combined them with Swiss chard to make a variation on this Swiss chard pizza. It came out pretty well, though I'd cheated and used a Boboli shell, and those are never quite as good as I hope they'll be. I need to try it again with real pizza dough.

The kale went into some Kale Crunch from Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven. That stuff is good. Really, really good. Like, kale shouldn't be that good, good. And finally, I'm afraid the basil got a little bit away from me. We did use some in and on turkey burgers, but the rest went bad before I could quite figure out what to do with it. (I know the obvious answer is to make and freeze pesto, but the BF isn't a huge fan of pesto, so I'm a little afraid to do that.)

Moving on to this week: The haul was the lovely peonies pictured above, as well as lettuce, turnips, radishes, baby bok choy, Swiss chard, and broccoli rabe. The peonies are currently in the dining room, which is the most central room in the house. We're thus getting random wafts of peony scent throughout the apartment, which is lovely.

Foodwise, the lettuce disappeared quickly into salads. There was only a small bunch each of turnips and radishes, so those will likely get sauteed up with tomorrow's dinner. The broccoli rabe went into Broccoli Rabe with Garlic, Anchovy and Hot Pepper, which made a delicious mid-week pasta supper. Today, we had Swiss Chard with Pinto Beans and Goat Cheese as a side to grilled chicken. That came out really well, and I'll definitely be keeping that recipe around.

The baby bok choy will likely go as a salad in the next couple of days, and then, we'll be ready for the batch on Wednesday!

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