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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Farseekers - Isobelle Carmody

Read for the YA 2010 Reading Challenge.

Life at Obernewtyn has gained a bit of normalcy. Since they’re so far from the Council’s lands to the south, the Misfits are protected by their remoteness, and they believe they have time to gather their forces before the Council comes to investigate them. They’ve divided themselves into guilds, based on their various abilities, and Elspeth has become the Guildsmistress of the Farseekers, those with the ability to talk mind to mind over long distances.

The Teknoguild, who have a special affinity with the machines of the Beforetime, have located a large library from before the Great White, and have hopes that it contains secrets of what caused the cataclysm, as well as other knowledge that was lost. They’ve also sensed the presence of a very powerful Misfit there, and Elspeth is eager to investigate. But it’s long journey out of the highlands and into Council land, frought with danger, and plenty of adventure.

This is the second book of the Obernewtyn Chronicles, and is every bit as enjoyable as the first book. There’s more to explore this time around, and many hints of future adventures. It’s a six book series in all, so I’m happy that I have plenty of adventure still to come with these characters. I think this will easily be one of my favorite young adult spec fiction series once I'm finally done with it.

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