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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crescent Beach State Park - Cape Elizabeth ME

A year ago today exactly, I did my first trip of the season to Crescent Beach State Park. The park doesn't officially open until Memorial Day, so I'd parked out on the road, and trekked in, over an access road that was still almost fully snow covered in the shadier parts. I was bundled up in a coat and boots, and the breeze was raw. The contrast with my trip there today was marked.

Today, it was incredibly warm, enough that the slight sea breeze was a welcome relief. The road was lined with cars (I'd been one of half a dozen last year). And because of the recent rain, there was water everywhere. Fortunately, it's not picnic season yet, because the picnic sites are well underwater in a number of places.

So, what a difference a year makes. Today was the kind of lovely day that almost never happens in early April, and I enjoyed it immensely, at least partially because it may never happen again.

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