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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fables 8: Wolves - Bill Willingham, et al

Read for the 2010 Graphic Novels Challenge

This is an aptly titled volume, where so much of the action has to do with Snow and Bigby, and their children. I’ll admit to enjoying having the story line that kept them apart wrapped up, and it’s fun to see the children with names and personalities. It’ll be fun to see how much trouble they’ll be getting into in future volumes.

This book also introduces the cloud kingdoms that bridge the Mundy world and the Fable’s home. There’s some cloak and dagger action by both Bigby and Cinderella, and it’s an all around fun read.

I’d forgotten how much I’d enjoyed this series. I’ve been reading these from the BF’s collection, and he’d had to take a break from buying graphic novels and collected editions for a while, right around the time that this book came out. The drought is over, and I have up through volume 12 to look forward to, as well as a couple editions of Jack of Fables. I’ll definitely be making some time to get through more of this series.

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