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Friday, January 8, 2010

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2010

The closest I've come to a New Year's resolution this year is to try and branch out from my comfort zone of fantasy, and read other genres. The Historical Fiction Reading Challenge plays into this semi-resolution beautifully. I'm actually a pretty big fan of historical fiction, but often forget to look for it, so this challenge should keep me honest in seeking it out this year.

I'm going to aim for the Fascinated level of the challenge, which is to read six historical fiction books in 2010. However, since I don't need a set list beforehand, I may try for the Addicted level, which is 12 books.

Based on my TBR pile and the top of my Booksfree queue, my preliminary list is:

Carter Beats the Devil - Glen David Gould
Mollie Peer - Van Reid
The Beduin's Gazelle - Frances Temple
Twilight of Avalon - Anna Elliott
The Convenient Marriage - Georgette Heyer
Kristin Lavransdattar: Volume 1 The Wreath - Sigrid Undset

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