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Monday, December 7, 2009

Vampire Reading Challenge 1/1/09-12/31/09

With Christmas quickly approaching, which will inevitably bring a drain on my reading time, I'm going to call it a day on the Vampire Reading Challenge.

The goal was to read two vampire books in 2009. I finished that so quickly that I decided to see how many I could read this year. I managed ten. This included half of the Twilight series, three books in the Blood Ties series, and three books in the Southern Vampire series. The two outliers were by Colleen Gleason, which I didn't particularly enjoy, and by Elizabeth Kostova, which I enjoyed very much.

The list:

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Kathrin said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge, Megan! You read a couple that are on my TBR list (both Mt TBR and wishlist together)...