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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Magic and the Modern Girl - Mindy Klasky

Magic and the Modern Girl is the last book in a series about Jane Madison, who was a perfectly normal modern-day girl until the day she discovered a magical library in the basement of her new home, and that she could use it, because she’s a witch.

While definitely a fantasy-based story, this is also chick lit, so there’s always been a heavy emphasis on Jane’s disastrous love life, even while the perfect man (her warder, David) is right there in front of her. This being the last book of the series, I’ll give you one guess how everything turns out, though there’s naturally a bit of a twist to that part of the tale.

The other story thread is that Jane is losing her powers due to lack of use (a girl gets busy, you know), and it takes the help of David, and her mother, and her grandmother for Jane to figure out how to get them back.

I’m glad I borrowed, and didn’t buy this book (I do own the first two). Unfortunately, the series has suffered in my eyes because it is ultimately chick lit, and there are several conventions to that genre that drive me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, this is well-written chick lit, and I’m by no means sorry I read it. It just annoys me that there is much better written true fantasy that can’t sneak into the regular fiction section by way of its trendy genre, and is therefore ignored by the general masses. I hate that this book makes me think of that. I’d rather just be able to enjoy the story.

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