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Friday, November 13, 2009

Knitting Notes

And so the holiday knitting begins. These are Paul Atwell socks, by Emily Johnson, in Knit Picks Stroll in the Midnight Heather colorway. They'll be either for Dad or C (probably Dad, as the other colorway I bought is Merlot Heather, and C is the wine drinker, so it just seems to fit). I actually cast these on on Sunday, but the lack of light when I get home (definite downside of daylights savings time) means I didn't get a photo until I had a spare moment on Wednesday before work. And you can tell how long it took me to have time to clear my camera... Anywoo, the pattern is pretty easy, once I figured out how to follow the lace repeat. I don't know what I was smoking that night, as it's actually pretty simple, but it took me few very confused moments to get through the first repeat. I memorized it after the second. It's going quite nicely now.

So, since I have another pair to complete before Christmas, and the November Sockdown challenge doesn't end until 12/31/09, you can imagine how my progress on the Tilted Cabled socks is going. I did actually get through the heel, but have stalled out on the gusset decreases. I'll probably work on them hear and there for a little variety, but I won't count on finished them anytime soon. And that's the state of knitting for now.

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