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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knitting Notes

I'm not done with my Sockdown September socks yet, and this is why.

I had my ball winder out on Thursday to rewind some sock yarn scraps I was sending out, and in a fit of what I now know to be stunning naivete, I decided it was time to finally wind the Malabrigo sock yarn I'd bought from Webs when it first came out. I'd sliced through it when I opened the package, and it's been sitting in the bottom of my yarn crate, mocking me, ever since. So I put it on my swift, because surely it would peel off in discrete pieces. Surely! Well, it took about a minute flat to create a complete rat's nest, and my free time for the next four days to untangle it. (I have just enough OCD that once I started, I had to get it done.) I did nothing of substance this weekend, save rewinding 29 separate pieces of yarn.

The things I do for my craft...

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