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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hanging Out with the Dream King - Joseph McCabe

Read for the Dream King Reading Challenge.

This book would be an interesting read for anyone that wants a peek instead of Neil Gaiman’s creative process. It features interviews with 27 of his collaborators: editors, artists, inkers and other authors. (It was published in 2004, so you’d need to take that into account for any expectations of who will be in the book.)

The interviews are an incredibly interesting mix of experiences working with Gaiman, though there’s naturally a heavy leaning towards people that worked on Sandman. In fact, I now feel like going back and reading through the entire run of Sandman again. It’s been a while since my first (and so far only) read through, and there was so much mentioned in the interviews that I didn’t remember, or remembered, but feel like I need to go back and read again.

I’d definitely recommend this book to any Gaiman fan. You’ll get some insight into his mind, his creative process, and the creative process for a number of other talented artists. Definitely a fascinating read.

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