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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Knitting Notes

I've continued working on the leftover sock yarn stockings. If I really apply myself, I can complete three in one evening, though I don't often have the time to really apply myself, so my average is about one and a half. It's a nice easy pattern that I memorized around five stockings ago. I've got a gallon ziplock bag filled with leftover sock yarn, so I definitely have material to make a ton more of these.

I'm continuing with a lace pattern repeat here and there on the February Lady sweater. I love working with the Knightsbridge yarn. It's beautifully soft. With its alpaca content, I'll be very interested to see how warm it is.

I need to try and pick up working on the sweater if I want to finish it in time to actually wear it this year. The Sockdown 2009/2010 schedule came out about a week ago, and I managed to add 22 patterns to my queue that would fit the various months' challenges. Granted, five of those patterns were already on there, and I also know I won't do all 22, but that's still a lot of knitting to consider. I'm going to try really, really hard to do it all from my stash, since I can't seem to completely keep myself from obeying my sock yarn purchase moretoreum. It'll definitely be fun, though very distracting from anything non-sock.

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