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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Knitting Notes

I have quite a few smallish bits of left over sock yarn that I've been trying to think of ways to use, and I've hit upon a couple of different ideas for getting rid of the yarn. Idea number one is for yarns that I've actually got a fair amount left, like the Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn I'd used for the Kiila Socks. I've cast on a baby hat using the pattern from the Wise Hilda Knits blog, and it's been coming along nicely, if a bit slow, since it's sock yarn. I actually have enough yarn leftover for this particular skein that I may be able to make some baby socks as well.

In February Lady news, I had gotten almost all the way to the end of the garter stitch on the yoke, and had to frog the whole thing. I'd somehow managed to increase an extra 18 inches, and I just couldn't see a way to fudge that back down to the correct number. I'm already back up about halfway done on the garter stitch yoke.

I'm at least a little bit happy about the frogging because I decided to use ktbl increases instead of M1 increases this time, and I'm a lot happier with the way those look. I'll also be able to redo the buttonholes about a row up (for each) from where I'd placed them before, and I think I'll be happier with that, though I could have lived with their placement pre-frog.

I'm trying really hard not to cast anything else on until I'm either done with the hat, or quite a bit further along with the sweater. Once Sockdown starts up again for next year, I'm foreseeing a renewed dearth in project monogamy, and figure I better take advantage of only having two projects on the needles while I can.

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