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Friday, June 26, 2009

It's the End of the World Reading Challenge II

I've finished the my four books for the It's the End of the World Reading Challenge II. I read:
I noted in my starting entry for this challenge that I signed up because Paperspine had mysteriously decided it was going to send two post-apocalyptic books that weren't actually near each other in my queue to me at the same time. So I took it as a sign, and signed up. I then picked out a couple more books and added them to my queue. I had a number of other challenge books I wanted to read first (I did have until October after all), so I put them down around #25. Guess which books Paperspine decided to send me next?

So apparently the Paperspine computer system loves this challenge, and with that kind of encouragement, I finished it pretty quickly. Despite the seemingly depressing subject matter, I had a lot of fun reading my books. I tend to read more fantasy, so it was nice to venture over into the sci fi part of the world.

I do still have a couple of other books in my queue, that I'd put in thinking I might have trouble getting more books from the genre, so I've now sunk them down to the bottom of the queue. Who knows, if there's a challenge next year, I'll have to see if the Paperspine system gives me another sign and sends me more post-apocalyptic books out of the blue.

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