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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Knitting Notes

I downloaded clue #3 for Kiila on Saturday. It was a cloudy about to rain kind of day, so I sat right down, and finished it off that morning.

I'd been pretty nervous about the short row heel, so I actually life-lined the end of clue #2 (you can see the red thread), but it ended up being much easier than I had feared. I don't know if that's because toe-up heels are always easier then top-down heels, but whatever it was that made this one easier, I'll take it.

I've also been working along on Eunice. I just finished the gusset decreases, and am set to do the rest of the foot. I really like this pattern. It's a shorter sock, purposefully, and I decided to follow the pattern, since the Malabrigo is on lighter amount side of sock yarns, but I think I would have been safe doing another repeat of the pattern on the leg.

And finally, I cast on a February Lady sweater back on Tuesday. I was extra tired that night, and figured I could hack the stockinette more easily than cabled socks. I'm using Fibre Company Knightsbridge yarn, in the Burgundy colorway, which is really a mix of black and purple. It's a lovely, soft yarn, and it's been fun to work with so far. I did have one minor frog in the beginning, when I managed to not cast on enough stitches for the size I'm making, despite having gone through and highlighted my size everywhere it was noted. Did I mention I was extra tired when I cast this on?

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