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Monday, April 20, 2009

Knitting Notes

Pattern: Undulating Waves Scarf by Heather Nelkin
Yarn: Schaefer Heather in the Eleanor Roosevelt colorway
Needles: size 6

I'd had grander knitting plans for this weekend, but the throat plague of doom put the kibosh on most of that. I did however, finish the Undulating Waves scarf I started back in January for the class I took at Knit Wit. I ended up really enjoying this pattern. I was initially a little leery of the beading, but that turned out to be pretty easy once I got going.

I think I took as long as I did making the scarf because one pattern repeat was a nice discreet unit that didn't take too much time, and served as a pretty good break from working on other projects. I ended up only making 18 pattern repeats, because that's all I had the beads for. Still, that's a perfectly adequate length. (The pattern calls for 20 pattern repeats.)

I love, love, love the Schaefer Heather yarn. I love the color combination, and it's so lovely and soft. I've been working with another wool/silk blend on my other scarf, and while it's nice, the Heather is much nicer. I would very willingly buy more of this yarn to make something else.