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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Knitting Notes

I feel like I've barely gotten anything done on the knitting front late, but I think that's because I'm working on three projects at the moment (and have been researching casting on two more because I'm insane!), the pace of progress seems slow. I did manage to finish Waving Lace Sock #1 yesterday. This is March's Sockdown sock, so I definitely need to get on the ball and finish sock #2 with some degree of haste.

I've also been working on the Town and Country and Undulating Wave scarves. They're both going alone well, though the Undulating Wave scarf is going faster, which makes sense when you consider I'm doing that one in a DK weight yarn, and the Town and Country scarf is in lace-weight. They're both lovely and soft.

So, the plan of attack for the rest of the month is to get the Waving Lace socks done, and then I'll try concentrating on the Undulating Wave scarf, since I can finish that one more quickly. I do have plans for May's Sockdown, so it would be nice to get one of the scarves done before I start on that.

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