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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Lights State Park - Cape Elizabeth, ME

It being a gorgeous Spring(!) day, I absolutely couldn't stand to hang around the house, so I headed out to Cape, and to Two Lights. I tend to avoid the park in the summer, because it's fairly small, and often packed, but as you can see from the empty benches above, it was next to empty today, even in all the glorious sun.

There is no beach at this park. Like most of the coast of Maine, it's rocky headland. What I can't convey in pictures is the sense of movement you get along this kind of coast. There's always pounding surf. It's much louder than the rush of the waves along a beach, and you can hear it easily even once you move away from the coast, and walk into the woods.

It being the end of winter, the main botanical features of the park are what's leftover from last year. There are interesting splashes of living color, but it's not from the trees yet. The lichen in the first picture below is a startling reminder of life among all the brown. And, you can't forget that a lot of the brown is actually alive too. This is the time of year when it's possible to see the basic structure of the plants, and what's been creeping in and around the shrubs along the pathways.

And finally, I was absolutely in love with the remains of this tree. I'm not sure if it was injured during a winter storm, or just finally came to the end of its life, but they hadn't carted away the remains yet, and it was spread out as a two dimensional representation of how it stood in life. It was a oddly poignant sight to come across.

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Carl V. said...

These are all absolutely gorgeous pictures. I can hear the water in the background. Lovely.