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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Knitting Notes

My new swift works! I spent a lovely, leisurely time winding my Three Irish Girls Carys Blue Faced Leicester yarn, which is practically lace weight it's so skinny, and I didn't feel the need to tear my hair out once. I'm repressing a serious urge to take all of my stashed skeined yarn and wind it right now. I'm repeatedly reminding myself it stores better in the skein...

The reason I wound the yarn is that they added Chrissy Gardiner to the designers for this month's Sockdown. I've been looking for an excuse to make her Moonflower socks, which were the Sock Yarnista pattern for December, and figured I might as well use December's yarn while I'm at it. The yarn is the Mulled Wine colorway, which is not a colorway I'd normally choose for myself, but I really like.

The challenge for this month for me will be using size 0 needles. So far so good, the yarn seems to glide pretty well over my Harmonys, so I fairly well flew through the cuff and first pattern repeat.

In other news, I need to frog the Koolhaas hat. I got way off once I got to the pattern. I think I'm just going to place a marker for each repeat. It's going to be a little marker heavy, but the pattern is just long enough it's a little too easy to get off in the middle of the row. I do like the Malabrigo, though.

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