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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Knitting Notes

My ball winder came today!!! And I promptly found out the pin on my swift is warped, and won't got in, so the swift is currently useless. Still, in my excitement, I had to try the ball winder out, and as you can see from above, it works beautifully, even if I did have to do the Malabrigo from around my knees. (The sock yarn on top is one that I already had hand-wound into a ball. That one was much easier to do than the Malabrigo.)

So, someday, I'll get the whole thing working in one beautifully slick process, but I now at least have the means to make nice yarn cakes, even if I do have to contort myself to make them happen.


Jen said...

So nice! I would love a ball winder, next on my list! Photo is pretty, sort of looks like a colorful headless snowman!

Megan said...

I do like how that photo came out. The colors play well together :)