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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Knitting Notes

My knitting class is done, and I'm four pattern repeats into the Undulating Waves scarf. I have to admit, I like the beading more than I thought I would. I'm still not sure it's something I'll do often, but it's a nice skill to have in my arsenal.

I do have to say, I love the Schaefer Heather yarn. It's so lovely and soft, and I love this colorway. (Actually, I love all of the colorways I saw in class. Even the insane electric red and orange one I'd never in a billion years buy. It was still really cool.)

I've had to put the scarf to the side for the moment, as I got late breaking news that the co-worker I knew was having a baby in March will be having a surprise baby shower in two weeks. So, I've literally cast on three different baby sweaters this week. The first really wasn't working for me with the yarn I'd chosen. The second, while a lovely pattern, was just complicated enough that it was making me tear my hair out.

I finally landed on the garter yoke baby cardi, which seems simple enough and looks right for the yarn I bought (Dalegarn Falk in a lovely purple). I cast on last night, and so far, so good. I need to get it finished by next weekend, so that's going to be my knitting concentration for the week.


jessi said...

That scarf is lovely - is the pattern posted online somewhere?

Good luck with getting the scarf finished. I'm still working a two blankets and an amigurumi from last year. :)

Megan said...

It's available on the designer's web page:


I got it for the class as a kit with the yarn and beads, but I'm not sure if that's something the class instructor had developed on her own, or if it's available somewhere. (My class instructor did develop some slightly more detailed instructions she included with the pattern, as the pattern is just vague enough to be a little intimidating to a newer knitter.)

jessi said...

Thanks for the link! I'm definitely a newer knitter, but I'll take a crack at it. :)

Megan said...

The only mildly difficult thing was the purl two together through the back of the loop. I'd had to do that before in a couple patterns I've done, and I know I was doing it wrong (I always managed to add a stitch).

Learning how to that correctly was worth the cost of admission to the class alone, because I would have never thought to do it the way you're supposed to!