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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Knitting Notes

I've started over on my mother's Spring Forward socks, and somehow managed to lose one of the needles. I figure it must have dropped off the couch when I was moving around last night, but despite combing through the entire living room, I can't find the little bugger. I can substitute a Harmony needle, but at this point, I'm starting to wonder if I'd be better off putting them to a side for about a month and making them for my mother's birthday (in February) instead. I have a DVD to give her when we finally get together for presents next week, so it's not like she won't have anything to open, and it just might save my sanity to not have to look at those things for a little while.

So, that should leave me some time to work on my Brocade Leaves sweater. Unfortunately, now that I'm doing the sleeves, and having to count out the increases, it's much slower going than when it was just the back piece and I could just do pattern repeats forever. I'd really like to get that done before cold weather ends (both to be able to wear it this year, and so I can do the February Lady sweater before the cold weather ends), so I may try to concentrate on that for the month of January and see how far I can go.

I'm also going to take up Sockdown challenges again, now that I'm essentially done with Christmas knitting. This month's challenge is to do a pattern from an online knitting magazine. I've got my choices narrowed down to Interlocking Leaves socks, or Vinnland socks. I actually own the exact yarn called for in either pattern, which would be a first. Also, Vinnland would be my first two up sock, which I'd like to try. That being said, the short row toe and heel sort of scare me. I may start Interlocking Leaves, and if I can get the done in time, cast on Vinnland as well. We'll see. I'm going to give myself a small break before working on socks again.


regularrumination said...

I'm just dropping in to say hello! I'm new to the blogging community and am trying to get to know everyone and read everyone's blogs. I'm also learning how to knit. So far I've got knitting and purling down... but that's about it :)

- Lu

Megan said...

Hello! The knitting and purling will bring you remarkably far :) I'll do my standard knitter plug and tell you to go sign up for Ravelry! It's an awesome, awesome website full of knitterly goodness.