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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer

Read for the Vampire Reading Challenge.

I didn’t hate this book. But I can definitely see why a lot of people did.

In the first three books, there was always some level of sacrifice going on. I mean, we’re dealing with humans, vampires and werewolves here. This kind of thing is not meant to go smoothly. Bella is not meant to be able to get everything she ever wanted. Life doesn’t work that way, and lord knows it shouldn’t work that way when you throw the supernatural into the mix. And that was the beauty of the first three books in this series.

And now, as a final installment, Bella gets everything she ever wanted. Sure, there’s a little conflict worked in there: Bella’s body versus her baby, and the Volturi make a reappearance (thank god, because at that point of the story, I was in need of some conflict to cut the saccharine perfection of Bella’s new life). But mostly, this book simply brings this story to a completely beautiful and harmonious ending where everyone gets what they want. Which really makes a lot of sense if you see this book as Stephenie Meyer’s Mary Sue adventures in the vampire world. Lord knows I want my life to be perfect, and if I could put it down in print, I probably would.

So, like I said, I don’t hate the book. I can’t really hate a happy ending. It’s just a shame that the happy ending doesn’t fit in with everything that’s gone before.

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