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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Books Read

With 2009 now upon us, I think I can safely say I've finished with my 2008 reading. Here's the list:
Seventy-six is a pretty respectable number, but I still want to reach 100. I think about the only way I could do that is to reread a few more books, and not read anything that takes any amount of time and concentration, and where would the fun in that be?

I did do a little more re-reading this year than I have in recent years (21 books), but about half of those were books I hadn't read very recently, so it was fun to revisit them. It looks like I also did 33 challenge books (that includes some overlaps). I did manage to add some non-fiction in the list, but I think that's definitely something I need to work on reading more of for this year, which is the closest to a reading resolution I'll come. I've learned I'm much happier if I keep the door open to interesting books that come my way and don't limit myself to what I "have" to read.

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