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Friday, December 19, 2008

Knitting Notes

Well, I've pretty much dropped out of the blogging world lately. (Let's face it, I'm not even turning on the home computer as much as I normally would.) This is mainly because I've been concentrating on the Christmas knitting while I've actually been home.

The above is the nearly finished Spring Forward sock #1 (man, do I wish being home when there's consistent natural light). Unfortunately, I don't have enough yarn to finish the sock. I could probably try ripping out the last pattern repeat on the foot, and it might be ok, but my mother has slightly longer feet than I do, and this might end badly (I'd rather make up my sock deficit to her this month, not add to it). So I'll rip it back above the heel and take out the last half pattern repeat. Which may mean I have to rip the entire damn thing and start over, depending on whether or not I can can pull of a partial rip.

I've put this on hold for now, because my mother was supposed to be flying out to CA today (her flight literally just got cancelled, and I got a call to pick her up at the airport in the middle of the lovely snowfall we're getting right now, and since the BF is at work, I had to turn her down because neither of us needs to be in a car with me having that kind of a panic attack. So I'm now feeling a little guilty about saying no. Oh well. Merry Christmas to me. But I digress.) Anywho, we won't be doing presents until after she gets back, in January (I sent along sock pair number one, hidden in my sister's present to tide her over).

So I'm now working on the Flame Chevron scarf from my MIL. It's actually about three times this length at this point, but I fear I may have been over-ambitious in starting this so late in the month. It's a pretty easy pattern, but I just don't know if I can finish it in time. However, we're not driving to VT until Christmas Day, and I'll even have all of Christmas morning on my own while BF is at work, so we'll see. It could happen.

In final knitting news, I'm signed up for a class at Knit Wit in January. It's for a beaded scarf. The yarn and pattern are lovely. I'm not completely convinced I'll like the beading, but I'm at least game to give it a whirl, and it'll definitely be a nice excuse to get out of the house on a couple of dark January weekday nights.

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