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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Icestorm Cometh

So I officially live in the power armpit of Portland. We woke up with no power on Friday, due to the ice storm. By the end of the day, everyone around us had power back, except for my street. So, we stayed with friends in Westbrook for that night, and were pretty sure we'd be staying last night too, but they managed to get the power back to my street by around 7. So we had dinner at ours friends' place, but came back here for the the night. It was at least cold enough that we didn't loose anything in the fridge/freezer, but we did the power back just in time to keep it from being cold enough to burst the pipes. (At least we got it back slight faster than the Patriot's Day storm of 2007. Barely faster, but still faster.)

So my weekend's been fairly well shot. About all I managed during the day on Friday was to blow through two YA novels, while sitting with two blankets on my couch in my rapidly cooling living room. We spent that afternoon looking after our 85-year-old next door neighbor, who hadn't really prepared for winter yet, and was refusing to leave the house. (She did end up staying the first night, which was comparatively warm, but we got her evacuated to her daughter's house in MA for last night, since it was supposed to be so much colder. We figure she'll never need to know that the power came back last night. Speaking of which, I now hear the ca-thump of the toddlers downstairs, which means they've made it back from Augusta. The house is back to normal order.)

I did some knitting on my mother's second pair of socks yesterday, but found I wasn't going to have enough yarn to finish them, so I have to rethink those a bit. I need to get them done by Friday for them to make it out to CA with my mother, so she may only be getting pair number one to actually open on Christmas.

I found books for my father and C, so even if I don't get the sewing project I'd planned to tackle this weekend done, I'll have stuff for them. That just leaves my brother, my FIL, BIL and something small for the BF. Good lord Christmas is sneaking up quickly...

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