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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday, not being much of a hordes of insane shoppers fan, and with the BF working, I decided to head into town to see Twilight. Of that, I'll 0nly say that I'm about fifteen years too old to be able to sit through that movie with a completely straight face. That being said, I did enjoy it. It was delightfully overwrought.

After the movie, since I was already paying for parking (and by the way - $5.25 Nickeloden parking garage for a movie and the additional few minutes it took me to wander through the city's smallest yarn store? $5.25? Really?), I was finally able to wander over to Tess' Designer Yarns. It's a tiny little storefront, but inside, it's packed with yarnish goodness. The colors are absolutely amazing, and the variety of really, really, really nice yarn was wonderful. I wandered around for a bit just feeling up the silk and cashmere. I ended up buying two skeins of sock yarn, which totally don't represent the totality of the colorwheel available, but do represent my favorite colors. The sage green yarn is their is their regular sock yarn, but the blue yarn is the Peruvian sock yarn, a mixture of wool, silk, alpaca and nylon that's actually machine washable. I'm totally in love.

And then, to top it all off, I got home, and found my Sock Yarnista package in the mail. I was prepared not to like this month's selection that much, as it's not really in a color scheme that's normally my cup of tea, but I actually like it a bit more in person. It's still probably going to become a gift, but I've definitely been enjoying looking at it today. (This month's extra was magnetic pattern place holders. Love them!!)

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