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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Knitting Notes

I've been a little light on the posting this week, but I suppose that's what happens when you're reading a moderately weighty book, and working on two projects that aren't done yet.

Project number one is the Pulsation Socks for my mother. The above is sock number one, but I'm actually past the heel on sock number two, and almost half way through the decreases into the foot. Depending on how much of a lazy weekend I end up having, I should be able to finish these off and move onto my sister's gift.

I do have to say, I'm glad my mother say this yarn and liked it, because as much as I liked the color together on the skein, and as much as I like working with this yarn, I don't think I would have ever worn anything made out of this yarn myself when it was finished. So, definitely better that it's going to my mother, as it's totally her cup of tea.

Project number two is the Brocade Leaves sweater. I finished the front on Thursday, all except for some weaving in of of ends. The v-neck was a smidge challenging. On both sides, I ended up with a stitch too many when I got to the top (luckily, the last two rows have equal amounts of stitches, so I was able to decrease those both out), but at least they're even. The front even matches the back in size, which is definitely exciting. I'm looking forward to getting the sleeves done and seeing how this looks when it's finished.

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