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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Knitting Notes

Pattern: Susanna by Steffi van der Linden
Yarn: Fibre Company's Canopy Sport in the Blue Quandons colorway
Needles: Harmony DPNs, size 2

I had to do something with my hands while watching the election coverage last night, and that something was finishing up my Susanna socks. I'm really glad Sockdown brought this designer to my attention. I'd full intention to cast on another pair of socks (even bought some more Canopy in a beigish color), but that ended up not happening for October, and I know I need to start thinking about my holiday knitting. I do still intend to make some more of her socks (Komet and Esther, I'm looking at you), but it'll be a couple of months before I can do that.

I also enjoyed working with this yarn. This was my first time working with bamboo (the yarn is a baby alpaca, merino and bamboo blend), and the yarn definitely does have a nice sheen to it. It was a bit sticky when I was unwinding it from the skein, but it was great to work with, even when I had to frog about half of the first sock.

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