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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Knitting Notes

My Susanna socks are coming along nicely. I completed the heel flap earlier this work, and then put them aside for a few days to work on the Brocade Leaves sweater. I'm back in the mood for socks, so provided I can keep up some momentum, I may even be able to finish them this week. Once they're done, I've decided to sit out of this month's Sockdown Challenge. It's time to start up with some holiday knitting, and I have a week off coming in two weeks, so I'm thinking I should probably concentrate on WIPs and holiday ideas for the month of November. (I do have a Wendy Johnson design I'm slightly intrigued by, so if other things go well, I could decided to cast on at the end of the month and still participate on November's Sockdown, so we'll see.)

The Brocade Leaves sweater is coming along well. I'm about a third of the way up the front (no pictures, because it's really pretty boringly similar to prior pictures at this point). It's a really simple pattern, and had I not been concentrating on other projects as well, I'm quite sure I would have been able to finish it by now.

I even managed to get in some time on my traveling Jaywalker socks yesterday, while hanging out for an unexpectedly long time at my car dealership. I brought my car in for a service and a coincidental state inspection sticker, and ended up having to get a strut fixed to pass inspection. Bleh. At least I had plenty to occupy myself between the sock and the book.

I do have a couple of ideas for holiday knitting for my sister and my mother, but I think I'll do a state of the WIPs post the week I'm on vacation, and detail those plans there.

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