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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Knitting

So here's what I've settled on so far for holiday knitting:

For my sister:

A lives in California, and already has two pair of socks from me. Since she doesn't actually need wool that often, I figured it would be a good idea to branch out and make her something a little different. I'm going to make her the Nereid Fingerless Gloves. They're based off of the Pomatomus sock pattern, which I've been dying to try. Since L's fingerless gloves came out so well in the Socks that Rock Raven yarn, I thought I'd use the other colorway I have of that (Thraven).

For my mother:

I actually owe my mother a pair of socks, since the ones I made for her for mother's day ended up not fitting (and went to my sister instead). So, to make up for those, I'm going to make Pulsations socks, using the Spunky Electic Supernova sock yarn I bought over the summer. They'll therefore be both locally dyed and locally designed socks, which my mother will get a kick out of.

For her actual Christmas gift, I'm going to make Spring Forward socks out of the Panda Cotton I bought at the same time as the Spunky Electic yarn. I'd definitely meant the Panda Cotton for Mom, and she actually picked out the Spunky Electic yarn when I had her look through my stash for yarn for the Mother's Day replacement project.

And lastly, for my MIL:

If I have time to do it, my last project will be a Flame Chevron scarf for my MIL. I haven't quite decided what yarn to use, but am leaning towards the Pagewood Farms Denali yarn I snagged in Vermont over the summer.

So those are my holiday knitting plans. I'm also going to attempt a Doctor Who-athon in order to accomplish this. I'm been in the mood to rewatch Nine's episodes, so that should be fun.

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