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Sunday, October 12, 2008


I clearly have an addiction to the color blue. Granted, I'd been planning on buying some of this yarn in blue the next time I went stopped by Seaport Yarn (which I ended up going to yesterday in my quest to fill out my swap package), but still. That now give me 11 blue items among completely unused stash items.

I really, really, really now need to stop buying new yarn until I've gotten rid of some of this. And thankfully, the yarn I've pre-bought already isn't blue. The Sock Yarnista blue selection for next month (previews just went up yesterday) is so garishly bright that I actually couldn't bring myself to choose it, and both of this month's selections weren't even blue, so that's two skeins of sock yarn that'll definitely be different. And my Sundara Artist's Choice collection in December will be mixed palette, so while I might get a blue, I'm just as likely to get three incredibly random other colors.

Now, I just need to make sure I don't fall into my frequent trap when buying clothing, where I realize that I don't own anything in (insert color here), and six months later realize that said color has taken over half of my wardrobe...

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Diane said...

But blue is a pretty color!!! I can relate though its easy to buy the same color over and over mine is currently too much green.